Won­der Star involved in resourc­ing and sup­ply­ing var­i­ous high qual­i­ty agri­cul­tur­al fer­til­iz­er prod­ucts to and from across the globe. The com­pa­ny has always giv­en first pref­er­ence to qual­i­ty of com­modi­ties, fol­lowed by time­ly deliv­er­ies of the prod­ucts when serv­ing their clients.


The straight fer­til­iz­ers are those fer­til­iz­ers which sup­plies only one pri­ma­ry plant nutri­ent, either N or P or K. On this basis, the fer­til­iz­ers can be straight Nitroge­nous, straight Phos­phat­ic, or straight Potash fer­til­iz­ers.


It is two or three com­po­nent fer­til­iz­ers pro­vid­ing nitro­gen, phos­pho­rous, and potas­si­um. Nitro­gen helps plant foliage to grow strong, Phos­pho­rous helps root devel­op­ment and pro­mote flow­er­ing. Potas­si­um is impor­tant for over­all plant health and helps in fruit­ing.


Water Sol­u­ble Fer­til­iz­ers pro­vides essen­tial nutri­ents for plant’s roots. Being read­i­ly sol­u­ble in water it helps fer­ti­ga­tion by releas­ing essen­tial plant nutri­ents at the root zone from where they are read­i­ly absorbed and used else­where in the plant sys­tem.